Why 0xDAO?

0xDAO is a coalition of the leading protocols on Fantom. We aim to pool our collective resources for the greater good of Fantom and are looking for partners that share our long-term commitment to the ecosystem’s sustained growth and development. A summary of 0xDAO's benefits are listed below:
  • 0xDAO allows Solidly LP depositors and veNFT holders to maximize their returns.
  • We aggregate voting power on Solidly and allow vlOXD holders to vote for LP SOLID emissions while earning as the same time.
  • Voting with 0xDAO is more effective than voting with your NFT directly.
  • Holders of vlOXD receive bribe revenue for directing their share of veSOLID votes.
  • 0xDAO has low fees and no development share, allowing users to maximize their earnings within the Solidly ecosystem.