Voting and Gauge Weights

The Solidly system allows veSOLID holders to vote on-chain to direct how SOLID emissions are distributed by assigning weights to each pool's "gauge".
As a holder of veSOLID, 0xDAO can participate in these voting procedures, and these voting rights are passed to vote locked OXD holders.
0xDAO will also work to optimize Solidly bribes and fees.

Voting Rules and Information:

  • SOLID emissions voting will be done on-chain.
  • Users vote using their vote locked OXD balance (vlOXD).
  • Users can vote and change their vote at any time.
  • Users do not need to vote every week for their votes to count.
  • Votes can be positive or negative.
  • Positive and negative votes of the same value have the same weight in the context of a user.
  • Voting snapshots are submitted directly before the period epoch (Thursday 00:00+00 UTC).