Platform Fees

0xDAO Fee Structure

There is a 15% total fee on all SOLID revenue generated by Solidly LP's on our platform. Fees can be adjusted within the following hard coded ranges:
  • 10% goes to oxSOLID stakers. This is paid out as SOLID.
  • 5% goes to vote-locked OXD. This is paid out as oxSOLID.
  • 0-5% goes to oxSOLID/SOLID and OXD/WFTM LPs. This is paid out as oxSOLID.
  • 0-5% goes to the treasury. (Configurable by governance)
  • Fees are taken only from SOLID revenue; no fees are taken from tokens from incentivized Solidly pools, nor from veSOLID admin fees
  • Fees paid as oxSOLID remain SOLID tokens while sitting in the rewards contract, until users claim their rewards individually. At the moment the user claims, the SOLID tokens are locked in 0xDAO as veSOLID; oxSOLID is minted 1:1, and then paid out to the user.
There is an absolute fee ceiling of 25%