• SOLID: The emissions token of Solidly protocol.
  • veNFT: Time-locked SOLID (locked up to 4 years).
  • OXD: The emissions token of 0xDAO protocol.
  • vlOXD: Vote locked OXD (lock is 16 weeks). Can be used to vote on SOLID emissions for liquidity provider positions and earn bribe rewards. vlOXD is non-transferrable.
  • oxSOLID: 0xDAO's wrapped locked SOLID (wrapped veNFT). Can be used to earn bribes, fees, SOLID emissions, and OXD emissions.
  • Solidly LP Tokens: Receipt tokens for liquidity provider positions in Solidly.
  • 0xDAO LP Tokens: Receipt tokens for 0xDAO wrapped Solidly LP tokens. Can earn SOLID and OXD emissions.